About Bundle

Bundle™ is Australia’s favourite Pre-Packed Maternity Bag. Famous for its best seller the ‘Ultimate Bundle’, Bundle™ is filled with passion, style, practicality, elegance, simplicity and luxury. 


Established in 2013, Bundle™ is an Australian online retailer specialising in convenience. We provide curated product bundles for mum’s hospital stay and the arrival of your baby. Developed by mums for mums we take the time, stress and expense out of preparing your maternity hospital bag.


We also make available all of our favourite products to buy individually, so that you can build or add to your own hospital bag if you prefer.


We have developed our own premium baby clothing range using certified organic cotton and a stylish designer overnight bag that can be used for a range of activities well after your hospital stay. All other products are a premium selection from industry leading suppliers.

Utilise our Checklist and Bundle Blog to make your pregnancy hassle free as you await the arrival of your little bundle. You can be confident you have everything you need for your labour and hospital stay with Bundle.

Fans of Bundle

Thank you so much for the beautiful, very stylish Bundle bag and the two lovely duffle bags filled with excellent and so-useful gear inside, currently packed into said Bundle bag just for fun, but to be washed (clothes) and prepared in full (big ol nanna knickers added) ASAP. It is just such a clever idea, and has been executed so well. - Zoe Foster Blake

I highly recommend the Bundle Bags... they are great value and just gorgeous. - Rebecca Judd

This has to be one of the best ideas and services going around for expectant Mums.... just came across @bundlebags... They will throw together either a Mum or Bub Bundle for you (or both) which includes all the essentials... From certified organic cotton items for bub, organic baby wipes, changing mats, nursing pads, maternity pads, dental kit, and so much more.... One more thing off my to-do list. - Megan Gale

I really must congratulate you on not only a great idea but a beautifully presented product too" - Kate Ritchie