Bundle - Pre-packed Maternity Hospital Bags

Bundle specialise in convenience & quality.

We provide pre-packed product Bundles for Mum’s hospital stay and Baby's arrival. Choose from our curated range or mix & match items to create your own Bundle.

At Bundle we focus on high quality, natural and organic products and garments. We have worked very hard to bring together the very best options available for Mum, Dad and Baby. All Bundle garments are ethical and sweatshop free, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Developed by parents for parents, we take the time, stress and expense out of preparing your maternity bag / hospital bag and getting ready for baby's arrival.

Ultimate Bundle
Ultimate Bundle
Baby Bundle-Bundle
Baby Bundle
From $199.00
Mum Bundle-Bundle
Mum Bundle
From $119.00
Boobie Bundle
Boobie Bundle
Hotmilk Bamboo Washable Nursing Pads
Dad Bundle
Dad Bundle
From $69.00
Bundle Overnight Bag-Bundle
"I'M SO TIRED" Unisex T-Shirt & "I'M NOT TIRED" Baby Bodysuit Bundle-Bundle

Fans of Bundle

Thank you so much for the beautiful, very stylish Bundle bag and the two lovely duffle bags filled with excellent and so-useful gear inside, currently packed into said Bundle bag just for fun, but to be washed (clothes) and prepared in full (big ol nanna knickers added) ASAP. It is just such a clever idea, and has been executed so well. - Zoe Foster Blake

I highly recommend the Bundle Bags... they are great value and just gorgeous. I was sent one of these from the Bundle company before having Billie and it has some great stuff in it. - Rebecca Judd

This has to be one of the best ideas and services going around for expectant Mums.... just came across @bundlebags... They will throw together either a Mum or Bub Bundle for you (or both) which includes all the essentials... From certified organic cotton items for bub, organic baby wipes, changing mats, nursing pads, maternity pads, dental kit, and so much more.... One more thing off my to-do list. - Megan Gale

Afterbae Day details - Bundle

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flowers are nice,
but a SALE is too.
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