Megan Gale loves Bundle

Megan Gale loves her pre-packed Bundle Maternity Bag

We are so thrilled that Super Model Megan Gale loves her Bundle. This is what she had to say about it on Instagram.
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Zoe Foster Blake loves her Bundle bags

Zoe Foster Blake

Thank you so much for the beautiful, very stylish Bundle bag and the two lovely duffle bags filled with excellent and so-useful gear inside, currently packed into said Bundle bag just for fun, but to be washed (clothes) and prepared in full (big ol nanna knickers added) ASAP.  It is just such a clever idea, and has been executed so well.
Zoe Foster Blake on ZOTHEYSAY - 22 Sept 2014
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Kate Ritchie loves her Bundle bags

Kate Ritchie

It is only this past week that I have had a good chance to go through my Bundle Maternity Bag (in fact the jumpsuits have just gone on the line today!) and I really must congratulate you on not only a great idea but a beautifully presented product too.

Kate Ritchie - 11 July 2014
via email

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Rebecca Judd loves Bundle

Rebecca Judd

I highly recommend the Bundle Bags... - they are great value and just gorgeous. I was sent one of these from the Bundle company before having Billie and it has some great stuff in it- I would advise you to get the ‘Mum Bundle’ and the ’4 day bundle’.

Rebecca Judd - 15 Mar 2014
Source: Rebecca Judd Loves

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Hospital Bag Essentials - by Aimee of TOM Organic

Hospital Bag Essentials - by Aimee of TOM Organic

Dynamic founder of TOM Organic Aimee Marks gives some insight into what she considers to be 'Hospital Bag Essentials' since giving birth to her gorgeous twins.

She says a "Bundle Bag is such an amazing way to take the stress out of preparing your maternity hospital bag. Apart from being stylish, this company offers options for pairing your duffle bag with an assortment of natural products (bonus: they also have our maternity pads inside!)." Hospital Bag Essentials done!

Read the full article here.

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Megan Gale lovers Bundle

Megan Gale Baby Nursery - Daily Mail

UPDATE: Congratulations to Megan and Shaun, baby #2 on the way in late 2017!

Quite a nice surprise to see an article on Megan Gale in the Daily Mail featuring Megan's pre-packed Bundle Bag! Get a glimpse inside the Megan Gale Baby Nursery!

See full article at the Daily Mail.

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Kate Ritchie loves Bundle

Kate Ritchie - 'It's never to early to have your hospital bag packed!'

Kate Ritchie - Australian TV Royalty, is ready for the birth of her baby, with a pre-packed maternity bag from Bundle Bags. Kate tweeted "Is it ever too early to be packed? Thanks @bundlebags for my well stocked overnighter.. What a fab idea! KR x

UPDATE: Kate & husband Stuart Webb welcomed their beautiful baby girl on 17th August 2014!

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Little Nest Blog - Getting The Bag Ready - Bundle

Little Nest Blog 'Getting The Bag Ready'

Blog by Alice Pearson - Nursery Designer, Winner of  TV Series 'The Block NZ' & Brand New Mum!

Alice Pearson Blog on Bundle

Read the full article at Little Nest

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Rebecca Judd loves Bundle
Getting 'The Bag' ready...

Getting 'The Bag' ready...

Alice Pearson, winner of TV series ‘The Block NZ’ posted this great blog on getting organised for hospital and packing her hospital bag.

Alice writes:

I thrive off being organized, I had purchased the capsule and buggy in the first trimester, our top 3 names was decided after our first discussion about it, the nursery was all done within my second trimester. I thought putting together my hospital bag would be done well before I needed it, but it was one thing on my to do list I kept putting off!

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