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At Bundle we work with a range of amazing brands, specifically chosen because they produce the highest quality products. We have worked hard to bring together some of the very best options available for Mum and Bub. You will never find a product in our Bundles that uses any nasty chemicals - in fact, the brands we work with choose to use natural - and wherever possible, organic - ingredients and elements, so that only the gentlest products ever come into contact with you and your baby.


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We produce our own range of ethical apparel for baby. Every Bundle clothing item is sweatshop free and made with 100% certified premium organic cotton. This means that the products you receive are super soft - and actually get softer the more that you wash them! - and are built to last. You can also feel good about your purchase, knowing that the items are produced in appropriate working conditions.


BabyScent logo

BabyScent is a nourishing skincare brand, developed by a Melbourne mum determined to find an effective, natural way to treat her son's severe eczema. The BabyScent range is made from a nourishing and lush blend of carefully selected natural and organic ingredients. The range is designed to be multipurpose and to soothe and care for the most delicate skin types. You'll find BabyScent products in both our Baby Bundle and Mum Bundle.


Boobie Bikkies logoPinky McKay's iconic Boobie Bikkies are now part of the Bundle range! These natural and organic lactation cookies are created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert to help you with your breastfeeding and your natural milk supply. You'll find them in our Boobie Bundle


Hotmilk logoDesigned by mothers, for mothers, Hotmilk has revolutionised the nursing lingerie market. They offer premium product at accessible prices and their philosophy is to celebrate and empower women via a fresh, creative approach. You'll find Hotmilk Bamboo Washable Nursing Pads in our Boobie Bundle or you can buy them individually from us as well.


Mama Body Tea logoMama Body Tea was started with the aim that all Mamas would have access to natural organic tea blends to assist with all stages of their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, and beyond. Having expanded over the years, they now also offer options for Dad! You'll find Mama Body Teas in both our Boobie Bundle and Dad Bundle.


Nature's Child logo

Nature's Child is an Australian brand offering organic, natural baby products. Started nearly 20 years ago, they're a trusted name in the world of baby skincare, nursery products, toys clothes, etc. "Just the simple things that you use everyday... in the purest form possible" - that's what Nature's Child is all about! Nature's Child features in our Mum Bundle.


Nature Lab Skincare logo

Nature Lab Skincare is a beautiful natural range of body care products of the finest quality that nourish, hydrate and soothe. The range was inspired not only by using natural and certified organic ingredients, but also being eco-friendly in every way. Nature Lab utilises recyclable PET bottles, does not test on animals and does not use animal products. Their blends are all biodegradable. Nature Lab Skincare is a part of our Mum Bundle and Dad Bundle.


TOM Organic logo

TOM Organic has quickly become an iconic brand. They are all about empowering women and inspiring a positive impact on the world. Their maternity pads are designed to take care of Mum during those first few precious weeks after giving birth. They're made from organic ingredients and are super soft and comfy. Products from TOM Organic are included in our Mum Bundle.


Wotnot logo

Wotnot are all about natural skin and baby care products, created with nourishing, organic ingredients. Their products are chosen for their abilities to benefit your's and your baby's skin. Wotnot's products are reflections of their core values - using only organic and sustainably sourced materials where possible, providing customers with the opportunity to purchase skin and baby care that won’t impact the earth negatively. Wotnot products can be found in our Baby Bundle.

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