About the checklist

At Bundle we recognise that all mums and dads will be inundated with good, bad and indifferent advice from family and friends whilst they await the arrival of their little bundle. Rest assured, even perfect strangers will chime in on occasion. This information on top of all the lists you are given by healthcare professionals, printed in magazines and on the internet can be quite overwhelming. Our baby checklist makes things easier for you by separating the ‘Must Haves’ from the ‘Nice to Haves’ and covers preparing for the arrival of your little bundle, preparing your hospital bag and your first weeks at home. The Baby Checklist is based on our personal experience and advice from other mothers. Click on any item in the Checklist to get more detailed advice and notes on some of the products we like. You can create your own login and add and save your own personalised notes for each item and come back to them at any time. You can even print your baby checklist and take it with you!

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