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  1. Megan Gale Baby Nursery – Daily Mail

    Quite a nice surprise to see this article on Megan Gale in the Daily Mail featuring Megan’s pre-packed Bundle Bag! Get a glimpse inside the Megan Gale Baby Nursery !

    UPDATE: Megan and Shaun have since welcomed their baby River into the world.

    Megan Gale Baby Nursery 1  Megan Gale Baby Nursery 3 Megan Gale Baby Nursery 2 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.26.36 pm

    See full article at the Daily Mail

  2. Kate Ritchie Baby News – ‘It’s never to early to have your hospital bag packed!’

    Kate Ritchie – Australian TV Royalty, is ready for the birth or her baby, with a pre-packed maternity bag from Bundle Bags. Kate tweeted “Is it ever too early to be packed? Thanks @bundlebags for my well stocked overnighter.. What a fab idea! KR x #bundlebags #prepared #perfectgift #notlongnowwhat”

    UPDATE: Kate Ritchie Baby Announcement – She & husband Stuart Webb welcomed their beautiful baby girl on 17th August 2014!

    Kate Ritchie Instagram Post

  3. Desktop Magazine – ‘Keeping up with The Company You Keep’

    A fabulous article in Design Magazine ‘Desktop’ on ‘The Company You Keep’ and the work they did on our ‘Bundle’ branding and website design.  A really great bunch of talented designers and a lot of fun too!  Read the full article here.

    Desktop Mag TCYK - Bundle Review


  4. Little Nest Blog ‘Getting The Bag Ready’

    Blog by Alice Pearson – Nursery Designer, Winner of  TV Series ‘The Block NZ’ & Brand New Mum!

    Alice Pearson The Block Loves Bundle Bags Alice Pearson Blog on BundleRead the full article at Little Nest

  5. Pinky McKay & her Bundle Overnight Bag

    Breast Feeding & Parenting Expert Pinky McKay grabbed herself one of our Bundle Overnight Bags at the Baby & Toddler Show in Melbourne. She’s going to use if for Nana Sleepovers! What a cool Nanna!

    Pinky McKay Breastfeeding ExpertThanks to Pinky & her Team for this great image. www.pinkymckay.com

  6. Mum’s Grapevine – ‘Our Pick’ – Bundle

    “Bundle is favourite of Megan Gale and Rebecca Judd, and it’s easy to see why this new brand already has such celeb pedigree.” - ”Is this the ultimate thoughtful and practical gift for a mum-to-be? A ready-packed hospital bag….”

    Simone McNamara, Editor at Mum’s Grapevine

    Mum's Grapevine Editorial part 1 Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 3.57.36 pm

    Read full article at Mum’s Grapevine


  7. Megan Gale loves her pre-packed Bundle Maternity Bag

    Megan Gale Bundle Bags

    We are so thrilled that Super Model Megan Gale loves her Bundle.  This is what she had to say about it on Instagram:

    “This has to be one of the best ideas and services going around for expectant Mums. I’m 4 weeks from giving birth with a ton of things yet to do.. one thing is to pack that hospital bag for myself & bub which for some reason I have been procrastinating on! Mainly because there is so much to pack (& I’m very pregnant and very lazy) just came across @bundlebags … They will throw together either a Mum or Bub bundle for you (or both) which includes all the essentials… From certified organic cotton items for bub, organic baby wipes, changing mats, nursing pads, maternity pads, dental kit, and so much more.. There are a few more items I need to add like clothes, dressing gown, slippers etc, but this is FAB.. One more thing off my to-do list ✔️”

  8. Rebecca Judd Loves Bundle

    Rebecca Judd Loves Bundle

    Read the full post at Rebecca Judd Loves